One Calorie at a Time


Good evening friends!

I know a lot of you struggle with self image. I do. Every damn day. I think, why should I like what I look like in the mirror when it makes me so mad. I consider the abuse I’ve put my body through, and decide to punish instead of embrace. This is a daily occurrence. It wasn’t until I started taking the time to make myself better that my own self confidence shifted from pure hatred to more of an understanding. It is something I have to work on, something I have to actively put effort into. I get it.

I’d like to talk about body acceptance and what I’ve discovered. A forewarning for you, I am not going to sugar coat. Reality is that CICO (Calories In, Calories Out) works because, science. If you take in too much fuel, you will be too heavy. If you don’t give yourself enough fuel, then you won’t be able to function properly. The problem is, we have become a very lazy race. In 1st world countries, very few humans do the amount of physical labor we need to burn off the amount of fuel we are partaking in. We sit at computers. We sit on couches and watch TV. We sit and play video games. We sit and drive cars. We sit and eat. And eat. And eat. Most of us can’t even recognize proper portions any more. As a country, we have become accustomed to huge meals and no movement. If you want to change, you have to change the way you look at food and remember, the body you have now is the only body you get. How do you want to treat it?

Tonights TidBit:

I log everything I eat BEFORE I eat it. If I see with my eyes how that [food] is going to affect my day, there is a good chance I will make the proper decision regarding if it goes into my body or not. I’ll also be able to check portion sizes ahead of time, instead of finishing my meal, inputting it, and realizing I can’t eat for the rest of the day. I said this above, I’ll say it again… Your body only needs so much fuel to function properly. If you are at the proper weight for your height, then you know the amount you need to make your body work at premium levels. If you are not, and are looking to lose, then you have to create a deficit until you’re at the right weight. This is basic. But Oh My Goodness, is it hard. Don’t get me wrong… I had a glorious tri tip tonight and had to eat with slow, deliberate bites because a 3 oz portion of meat (the serving size) is the size of a deck of cards. Am I full? Yes. But I drank 30 ounces of water before, during and after my dinner. I think the telling thing about my dinner tonight is that I absolutely could have eaten 5 servings of that meat. It was freakin delicious. We give in to our wants so often when it comes to food that we completely forget our needs. Be mindful of what you are putting into your body. Is it fuel or are you eating for a different reason?

Day Three/Ninety

7am weigh in – 156.8 lbs — Down 1.7/25 lbs

15,000 steps, Beach Body & ate at calorie limit. I STILL haven’t started running as I’m feeling just so tired. This proves that my calorie limit is correct since I am losing weight with just my steps & Beach Body as my activity.

Day Four/Ninety

7am weigh in – 156 lbs — Down 2.5/25 lbs

I got 19,000 steps in today. O_O I did go over a little bit on calories, coming in at 1250 for the day. No other workouts done. I was completely pooped from work.

Day Five/Ninety

7am weigh in – 154.5 lbs — Down 4/25 lbs

WooooHoooo! This is the lowest weight I have been in about 10 years. It might be even more. About 11 years ago I got married, and I was able to get down to 135. I know I was around 160 right before I got pregnant and 155 was the lowest recorded weight I’ve had at any point since. I have officially jumped the hurdle. I am celebrating by doing the incline tomorrow. Haha!

One of the major things I have changed about myself is taking away food as a crutch, but also as a reward. Yes, I have cheat days (I gained 3 pounds on a wonderful weekend up in Breckenridge), but I don’t consider it a reward. I am fully aware that I am going to have to work hard again to get those pounds to leave.

Now that I’ve gotten to this point, I’m going to commit to starting C25K this week. My body likes movement, a lot. It likes to be active and I like the feeling of being active. It helps me to think more clearly, pulls me out of any momentary depression and makes me more creative. This needs to happen. It will happen tomorrow.

Thanks for being here. I appreciate you!

Love&Light – Lainey


3 thoughts on “One Calorie at a Time”

  1. Funny, I can comment on my FB login but it won’t let me “like” unless I get a wordpress login. No biggie.
    So, I only felt mildly guilty but mostly amused that I am sitting at a computer and eating while reading about what a mess that’s made of me! 😉

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