100 Day Challenge!

It’s been awhile, friends. Hello there! I’ve finally jumped back on the wagon! Wooohoooo! Did you know that it takes 14-21 days to create a habit? Only 3 weeks! So what could be better than committing to a 100 day challenge?  While I know it’s going to be a struggle, I know after only a little bit of time, it will just take hold. It’s going to be difficult, but the fire is blazing and I am ready to kick my own booty.

My challenge is going from 2/21/2016 to 6/2/2016. I am obviously doing this to get healthier and lose weight, but I would love it if you would join me with your own goals. It can be super simple like, making sure to meditate every day, or read a little bit of a book… Or could be something more intense like mine. It doesn’t matter what you choose, just know that we are in this together!

I’m on day 2 and I’ll be totally honest, I feel like I did back in the beginning of 2015 when I was completely gung-ho. I’m PSYCHED! I am going to the 20th anniversary of Insomniac EDCLV (Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas) on the 17th of June, so this is literally the perfect amount of time for me to be able to do this.

Ok – So here is what I’ve got planned.

  1. One million steps in one hundred days. (10,000/day average)
  2. Staying at or under caloric goal based on my TDEE and activity levels.
  3. Staying at or under 25 carbs a day.
  4. Blogging every Tuesday and Saturday.
  5. Getting to goal my weight of 120 pounds OR fitting into a size 5.
  6. Logging everything into MyFitnessPal. (Username: elainedenise2014 – Add me!)
  7. Doing some sort of work out every day. I am keeping this fluid and allowing for days where I just do some easy bodyweight fitness.
  8. Eating (or drinking) some sort of vegetable every day.
  9. No alcohol and making sure to drink 100 oz of water a day.
  10. No heat on my hair. (Ugh, this one is going to be hard!)

Some of these are going to be easy. Believe it or not, I’ll probably go over one million steps since I hit 15,000 on work days without effort. Logging my food has become second nature as well. The hard thing is going to be my diet. Boy oh boy do I love food. But I’ve come to a very honest place within myself. I know, 100% that I will be happier in my life at a lower weight. I LOVE being active and physical, and with every 5 pounds I’ve lost, I feel actual renewed life coming back. I feel younger today than I did a year ago, and I plan on continuing that trend well into my 40s.

My large goal, the one that is influencing me to do this challenge, is EDCLV. It is 3 nights of 10 hours of dancing per night in oppressive Las Vegas heat. I want to be in tip top shape for that and I have decided I will be.

Who is with me? Let’s do this together!




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