Insanity. And Updates.


So I’ve decided to do Insanity! I did a bunch of research into long term at home workouts and found that the best results have come from this program. From what I have heard, it’s insane… BaDumTiss. I’m going to start tomorrow. One of the reasons I chose this program over 30 day shred, P90X, etc is because it is heavy on the cardio and all body weight exercise. EDCLV is 10 hours of dancing/walking/standing a night for 3 nights straight. Add in the fact that it goes from 8pm to 5am and what that means to sleep. I want to be in peak physical condition this year. Last year was fun, but I had to rest way too much. Since I rave completely sober, I have to rely on my body and mind being as healthy and as ready as possible.

So. Insanity. I’ll be posting the updates weekly with my weekly weigh in results on Saturdays. It’s a 9 week program (63 days) which is perfect since I have 87 days left in my challenge. If you want to do it with me, I’d love it!! Or any other at home workout program for that matter. Let’s take advantage of the time we have guys. These days are going to pass us by no matter what. Don’t forget that.



As expected, my weight loss slowed down significantly after the initial first week loss, but I am happy to say that I still went down 2.6 pounds which is on track for the 2.28 I have to lose a week to reach goal. Keep in mind that I blogged on Sunday last week, so I am using last Saturdays weigh in numbers for my math. I have also successfully not used heat on my hair and kept up with drinking a gazillion gallons of water.

Day 1/100 – 2/22/2016

Weigh In: 158.8 lbs // Goal weight: 120 lbs // Pounds left: 38.8

0/1,000,00 – Steps

Day 13/100 – 3/5/2016

Weigh In: 148.4 // Goal Weight: 120 lbs // Pounds Left: 28.4  ((10.4 pounds lost so far))

143,426/1,000,000 – Steps

Let’s do this guys!!






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