I already know what that tastes like…


Hello! Its 2017 and officially starting up the blog again. I’m committing to updates every Tuesday. Fell off the wagon big time and gained about 25 pounds back over the second half of last year. Definitely not happy with myself, but I’ve gotten my big girl panties back on and I’m starting the push towards my goals again.

Ok. So. To start this year off right, I wanted to share something that was kind of an epiphany for me. I was reading through tips and tricks to stop a binge (one of my worst problems) and I read the phrase “I already know what that tastes like”. I’m making it my mantra for the first 6 months of 2017. Think about it this way, restriction in any form is tough.

“I already know what that tastes like” gives me the strength to wait for something I haven’t had. Since I am mostly CICO/LCHF/INT Fasting, when I make the decision to eat something outside of my plan, the rule is that it has to be something I haven’t had before. I’m starting this now as a way to not only build my palette, but also a way to “justify” the reason I am choosing to eat it. Life is life, and we can’t sit in constant want. Yes, losing weight and getting healthy is my number one priority, but I also LOVE going out and enjoying a fabulous meal cooked for me by a chef somewhere other than me in my own kitchen.

No, I cannot break plan to eat pizza hut. Nope, not for french toast either. But I CAN break plan if I’m going to a new restaurant, having a new experience AND trying something I’ve never had before. I feel like my quest to be the best version of myself is an ongoing battle with my instincts, so I’m always trying to find ways to trick my brain into being “ok” with restriction.  This battle isn’t actually with my body, but my head.

There is one other thing I wanted to mention before I let you go for the week… DietBet is a FANTASTIC weight loss tool. I signed up for a 6 month “bet” back in November (When I weighed 176.8). You pay 25/month to lose a certain percentage of weight by the next weigh in. The final goal is 10%. Even though I am disappointed I haven’t lost more in the couple months I’ve been at it, I’ve made weigh in every single month and won my money back (Plus more!)

That’s all for now! My hope is to reach my final goal by the end of the year (51 pounds to lose). It’s REALLY good to be back and I’m excited to be on this journey with millions of people all around the world.



Goals for this week: Stay within calorie goal every day this week. No alcohol. Two “very” active days. Three “moderate” activity days. Self Care.

  • Starting weight: 202.2 lbs – 38.2 BMI (Obese)(11/18/14)
  • Current weight: 166 lbs – 31.4 BMI (Obese)(1/24/17)

Weight Goals:

  • 158 lbs (29.9 BMI – Overweight)
  • 155 lbs (Previous Max Weight) <– I should have never gone over this.
  • 148 lbs (Previous Low Weight)
  • 132 lbs (24.9 BMI – Normal)
  • 125 lbs (My weight at 18 years old)
  • FINAL GOAL – 115 lbs (21.7 BMI – Right smack in the middle of Normal)




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