Getting into the groove…

Wow guys! It’s been a pretty incredible week for me. I’ve had some really BIG breakthroughs (declined pizza!) and some set backs. I am definitely in the right state of mind right now, and I LOVE that moment when things get significantly easier. A majority of my weeks are tough, so it’s always nice for a chance to breathe.

Ok. Something really cool happened. I made bread. Well, sort of. There is a fantastic recipe out there for low carb pizza dough. The first time I made it, I think I did a little dance after I took the first bite. It’s called fat head pizza and even if you aren’t following a LCHF diet, you’d still enjoy it. Anyway, after making quite a few pizzas, I was trying to think of other things I could do with that crust. I decided to try out making it and using it just as bread. It was fantastic! Check it out.

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The best part was that only 2.2 carbs per “slice”! It’s a little heavy, but honestly, it feels and tastes like bread, and that’s what I wanted.

I got a weird stomach bug over the weekend, but after taking it easy and having a rest, my boyfriend convinced me that I would get better with some air. We did a long, easy hike and took lots of opportunities to really “see” the beauty around us. Normally, I’m on a mission when I hike, but because I was just trying to enjoy a walk, I was able to really be in the moment. We don’t get many of these types of experiences as an adult, so it was wonderful to sort of, breathe it in.

If you live in Colorado Springs and really want a nice hike without having to drive west, check out Palmer Park. I haven’t even gotten close to exploring all the different trails, and it’s a primo location.


A couple last things, and then I’ll be done for the evening. One of the hardest things about weight loss is knowing that the scale lies. It lies when you’re just retaining water, when you’re on your period or even when you worked out the day before. This week, I KNEW that even though the scale wasn’t moving for a few days, I was losing weight. I am extra aware of how my clothes are fitting, how I am fitting into spaces. It’s interesting to be in this head space.

I’m not even back at my low weight yet, and I am realizing just how badly I don’t want to ever gain weight again. I lost 55 pounds! And then, with a sprinkling of pizzasushibrownie magic, I gained 27.4 pounds back over the last 8 months. I don’t like being heavy again. It makes me mad that I ate so much. The realization that I will never be a person who can go through their life not counting calories is extremely eye opening, and I am thankful for it.

Ok. That’s it! I’m done. I’ll leave you with this…

“You decide every moment of every day, who you are and what you believe in. You get a second chance, every second.”



Goals for this week: Be HAPPY! Be JOYFUL! I want to exude a positive attitude this week. I want to make people smile. I also want to stay within my caloric and carborific goals and I want to get to the gym twice. Even if it’s only for the sauna.

  • Starting weight: 202.2 lbs – 38.2 BMI (Obese)(11/18/14)
  • Current weight: 166 lbs – 31.4 BMI (Obese)(1/24/17)
  • Current weight: 160.8 lbs – 30.4 BMI (Obese)(1/31/17)

Weight Goals

  • 158 lbs (29.9 BMI – Overweight)
  • 155 lbs (Previous Max Weight) <– I should have never passed this.
  • 148 lbs (Previous Low Weight)
  • 132 lbs (24.9 BMI – Normal)
  • 125 lbs (My weight at 18 years old)
  • FINAL GOAL – 115 lbs (21.7 BMI – Right smack in the middle of Normal)




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